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Equine Differences

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Michelle Jarus

Experienced in eventing, hunters and dressage Michelle has a wide range of experience to help guide her students. She is the coach for both Jr and Sr high school hunter seat teams at Equine Differences and coaches the Oberlin College Dressage Team. Michelle is riding and working many dressage and hunter type horses giving her the hands on experience many youth need to grow.


Stephanie Smith-Thompson

Equine massage therapist and instructor Stephanie gets to work with our youngest riders. Stephanie has built the foundation many riders need to move forward in the their riding careers. Her expert knowledge of equine movement and riders ability has made her a valuable asset.

Ric Weitzel (Owner)

Training, competing and coaching for over 30 years. Ric has several World and National champion riders and horses in his career. Ric is the head coach for the Oberlin College Equestrian teams, teaches the horseback riding class and instructs the Jr and Sr high school teams

Cathy Bibbs-Cornell

In 2006 we called Cathy to help us teach a very quickly growing equestrian program. Cathy brought her vast experience and knowledge to our barn. One of the best equitation coaches around she brings 40 plus years of horse sense to instructing. She is currently working mainly our Oberlin College Students.

Liz McLean

Showing as a successful youth and amateur rider for many years, Liz accepted a position with Equine Differences to spread the knowledge and to be the coach for Jr and Sr high school western teams. She is our team coordinator for all the youth teams and still trains and competes with her own horses. Liz also assists in coaching the Oberlin College Western Team.